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Lower School (K - 4)

At Marin Horizon, 低年级对十大老品牌网赌网址大全的年轻学生来说是至关重要的,因为他们发展了他们的基本技能. Our students build self-confidence and moral courage, develop their communication skills and a sense of responsibility, and practice how to work cooperatively in a joyful, safe, and academically engaging classroom setting. We celebrate our differences, 分享十大老品牌网赌网址大全的观点,并与家庭建立社区伙伴关系,以支持学生不断变化的需求. 

通过精心设计的课程,有目的地连接到下一年级, students are exposed to different approaches to learning, enhancing their awareness of their learning styles. 他们有机会在学习新概念和掌握英语技能的同时解决问题和批判性思考, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish. 教师提供丰富的学术课程与富有想象力的结合, conceptual lessons that involve hands-on and experiential learning. 低年级的课堂体验可以设置在四面墙或, at times, in the great outdoors. 

科学和社会研究课程从一年级开始以混合年级分组授课, 为邻近年级之间的学术交流提供机会,进一步培养和扩大学生的社交圈. 学生通过十大老品牌网赌网址大全每周的音乐和视觉艺术课程培养对艺术的欣赏,并在体育中获得户外教育和健身技能. 十大老品牌网赌网址大全的学生也学习成为负责任的数字公民,并在发展适当的时候有效地使用技术.

As a school, 马林地平线认识到,儿童受益于有意识地培养和发展社会和情感成长的环境. 低年级使用各种资源来帮助十大老品牌网赌网址大全的学生提供一个使他们感到舒适的环境, safe, and confident in various situations, creating a sense of belonging. Above all, if you ask our Lower School students why they are at Marin Horizon, you will often hear how they feel seen, heard, and love their school, classmates, teachers, and community.

Victoria Huerta-Miller
Director, Lower School
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Lower School - the Formative Years

At Marin Horizon, 小学阶段是孩子教育的重要组成部分, laying the groundwork for lifelong learning. 这些成长期标志着孩子教育旅程的关键阶段, 弥合基础学习和更高级探索之间的差距. During this period, students build upon the basic skills acquired in earlier years, delving into more complex subjects in reading, mathematics, and science. 他们开始发展批判性思维和解决问题的能力, 参与合作项目和讨论,培养求知欲. 强调个人责任和独立性, 马林地平线为这些年级提供的环境促进了对自我的更深层次的理解, community, and the world. This stage lays the groundwork for the students' future success, 使他们有信心和韧性接受高中的挑战."

学生们踏上了自我发现和智力成长的旅程. These young scholars learn to see the world with inquisitive eyes, asking questions and seeking answers that fuel their understanding. They begin to appreciate the beauty of different cultures, the logic of mathematics, and the creativity of literature. Embracing challenges with resilience and collaborating with empathy, these children grow into confident thinkers, caring classmates, and responsible community members. 他们不仅在吸收信息,而且在塑造自己的个性, 培养指导他们一生的技能和价值观.

Program Highlights

The Lower School Program at Marin Horizon is more than just an introduction to academia; it's a lively journey where young minds lay the foundational stones for lifelong learning. 这个项目的与众不同之处在于实践探索与基本技能发展的平衡. Students in these grades don't just learn by listening; they experience their education. They might plant a garden to understand biology, paint a mural to explore visual arts, or act out historical events to grasp social studies. Through engaging activities and thoughtful guidance, students develop critical thinking, creativity, and empathy. 在这些滋养和充满活力的环境中,人们可以看到好奇心的种子, self-expression, and confidence taking root, 所有这些都是至关重要的,为他们在未来充满挑战的教育道路上做好准备."

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Learning Exhibition

对于所有年级来说,这是一个激动人心的日子,学习展览展示了学生们的学术才能. They investigate topics, solve problems, 并展示他们的发现,同时在这个全校范围的活动中展示他们的知识. 这一天充满了来自全校的掌声和鼓励.


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Overnight Camping

A tradition for grades K through 5, 过夜露营旅行是学生与大自然和同龄人接触的重要途径. They set up tents, build campfires, explore trails, stumble, laugh, and persevere - enjoying shared experiences in an amazing, immersive outdoor adventure, with the support of the entire school community.



Engineering Night

A highlight for the lower school, 工程之夜激发了十大老品牌网赌网址大全年轻学者的创新精神. Working collaboratively, they brainstorm, design, build, stumble, 并在这个创意和创新的展览中获得认可, applauded by the entire school community. It's surely a night to remember.


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Buddy Program

伙伴计划是我校的一个特色,它在高年级学生和低年级学生之间架起了桥梁. Those in higher grades pair up with the little ones, 让他们看到未来,同时学习同理心和领导力. 这是一种思想和经验的交流,培养了一个紧密联系的社区.



低年级教师是马林地平线项目的核心. To truly appreciate their impact, 当学生们开始他们的学习之旅时,你只需要观察他们闪闪发光的眼睛和热情的声音. These teachers are not merely educators; they are nurturers, guides, and trusted friends who instill confidence, curiosity, and joy in learning. 他们不仅帮助塑造他们所照顾的年轻人的思想,还帮助塑造他们的心灵和性格. With a perfect blend of warmth, creativity, and dedication, 他们为学业成功和个人成长奠定了基础, 在孩子们继续接受教育的过程中留下持久的印记,继续与他们产生共鸣.


Elena Byrd

Associate Teacher


Moriah Geller

Lead (K), Literacy Specialist

Stevie Lee Jr.jpeg

Stevie Lee Jr.

Physical Education

Allison Z.jpeg

Allison Zimmerman

Lead (3rd Grade)


Jorge Diaz-Velez



Susan Guadagno

Lead (4th Grade)


Aliza Louis

Associate Teacher

Nicoel Schoentag.jpeg

Nicole Schoentag

Assistant Director - Lower School, Learning Specialist


Jeanine F. Dworak


Catherine Hills.jpeg

Catherine Hills



Kathy Piscioneri

Visual Arts


Kurt Winterhalter


Anna F.jpeg

Anna Faigenbaum

Associate Teacher

Kelly K.jpeg

Kelly Kaufman

Lead (2nd Grade)

Julia R.jpeg

Julia Ripperton

Lead (1st Grade)

Director, Associates

Student Voice
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